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November 27, 2018

Dear Friends,

As many have heard, Lufthansa is in the process of selling their East Meadow facility. With this, a few of our members have raised concern about the future status of the credit union.

While the new location has not yet officially been disclosed by Lufthansa, they have stated it will remain close to the East Meadow area. There are numerous office locations in the proximity of the existing building that can easily handle the current operations of Lufthansa as well as the credit union. Long Island has no shortage of available office space.

The credit union has always been imbedded within the Lufthansa offices and wishes to continue to do so. Relocating to another space, or even staying at the current location is also an option, however it will come at a cost. Since inception, Lufthansa has never charged the credit union rent as was always considered a benefit for employees to have quick and easy access to their money or borrowing needs.

Relocating an entire airline headquarters is complicated and will most likely involve months (if not years) of planning and renovations so our members will receive plenty of notice. Regardless of what Lufthansa decides, your credit union will be alive and well to serve you for years to come!


Joseph Herzig
Compliance Officer

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